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Live Company Group PLC

Executive Chairman Q&A with David Ciclitira at Live Company Group PLC (LON:LVCG)

Live Company Group PLC (LON:LVCG) Executive Chairman David Ciclitira caught up with DirectorsTalk for an exclusive interview to discuss the launch of BRICKLIVE Christmas in Monaco.


Q1: David, we’ve just seen the news about the new partnership with Grimaldi Forum, can you talk us through the highlights and how this partnership come about?

A1: Well, the Grimaldi Forum is a very sophisticated venue based in Monaco and it’s owned by Monaco government. It has a series of trade shows and it also has shows that support the cultural side of Monaco, for example, right now, they’ve just launched a major Egyptian show featuring lots of antique Egyptian stuff, it’s a very very successful show.

The reason why we launched our show yesterday is that that’s just launched, and it expects to have 100,000 visitors over the next 2 months. So, we placed a series of BRICKLIVE Animal Paradise animals in the foyer so that every person that comes and sees this Egyptian show will know about BRICKLIVE Christmas at Monaco.


Q2: What is the event that’s been announced and when will this take place?

A2: The event is a follow on really from the successful Christmas Fair we ran at Saatchi Gallery in London last year. It’s BRICKLIVE Christmas at Monaco, it launches on the 22nd December and finishes on the 6th January, very much a peak Christmas time is the first week in January in the Mediterranean areas.

The show is basically focussed not just on Monaco, but it’s focussed on the whole of the south of France; Marseille, Nice and also northern Italy. Many of these people come into Monaco over the new year period and we think it’s going to be a great success.


Q3: What events are taking place to announce this launch?

A3: The announcement was made yesterday, and we had a small press conference with French-speaking journalists. We will be making some other announcements at the beginning of September, the early bird tickets will be on sale within the next 3 weeks, so we’ll be well ahead for the Christmas period. It’s interesting to see that there are four local sponsors involved in the project already, these are local Monaco sponsors that support many of the activities in Monaco.


Q4: Finally, what are the plans for this event in the future?

A4: The event itself, we hope it’s going to be a success in the first year, it is a 1-year contract with the option, our option, if we want to carry on beyond the first year. I would hope that we can build a tradition that it’ll be successful going forward so potentially we could be there for 3 or 4 years.

The other interesting thing is we’ve chosen to feature BRICKLIVE Animal Paradise, your listeners will remember that Live Company Group announced a BRICKLIVE Animal Paradise in Asia, actually at the same time Christmas in Macau. So, the thing about BRICKLIVE Animal Paradise, it’s all about educating children about endangered species, this is something that is actually quite important to the people in Monaco. They are very very switched on about environmental issues there, they, Prince Albert II, also supports various energy initiatives for endangered animals so I think it’s a good thing to do and I’m sure that you’ll hear more about that as we go forward.


Live Company Group operates as a live events and entertainment company. The Company offers sports marketing, media, and management services. Live Company Group also provides television and radio broadcasting services. Live Company Group serves customers worldwide. BRICKLIVE events have received widespread acclaim as a leading network of partner-driven shows designed to showcase the benefits of LEGO® as an educational tool worldwide.

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