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Electrohydraulic valves trim fuel consumption in cars by 20%

It’s well understood that internal combustion engines require valves for intake of fresh air and discharge of exhaust gases. Today, mechanically driven camshafts are used to control the gas exchange valves of four-stroke engines. They are often equipped with additional mechanisms, some of which are quite complex, that permit modifications to a valve movement pattern by the camshaft. But it increases friction and flexibility is still quite limited. To improve fuel economy and accommodate alternative fuels, engine makers need a new design that offers fast valve movements even at low speeds, adaptable strokes and cylinder-selective variable valve timing.

Flowtech Fluidpower PLC (LON:FLO) is a leading specialist in fluid power products and solutions. Through hydraulics, pneumatics and associated industrial products, they focus on moving liquid, gas or air to generate power which keeps industry moving.

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