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Dr Miriam Stoppard on Lupus

Lupus isn’t that common but when it strikes it can be very ­serious, even life-threatening. The story of the singer and ­actress Selena Gomez is a case in point.

All lupus sufferers will be grateful to her because she’s increased awareness of this often neglected condition.

Lupus (systemic lupus erythematosus, SLE), is a disease that causes collagen inflammation. As collagen provides the scaffolding for all our organs it can show up anywhere.

Few AIM-listed drug development companies have late-stage clinical assets in the pipeline, ImmuPharma plc (LON:IMM) is an exception. The Company’s lead compound, Lupuzor™, a potential treatment for Lupus, has completed Phase 3 trial of dosing patients across the US, Europe and Mauritius with top line results announced.

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