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Design Diary: The age of marble

Till not very long ago, the thought of marble evoked the horrors of a contrasting borders in antiquated rooms; marble was no longer the material of nobility, but more a symbol for the nouveau riche. But just as trends are cyclic, the stone is back in vogue and in the hands of these designers, finds itself restored to its former glory, this time with a modern stance.


Fox Marble (LON: FOX), is a marble production, processing and distribution company in Kosovo and the Balkans region.

Its marble products, which includes Illirico Bianco, Illirico Selene, Grigio Argento and are gaining traction globally both to international wholesale companies as well as being supplied directly into luxury residential properties. In the UK these include among others St George’s Homes and Capital and Counties Plc’s Lillie Square development. In Sydney, Australia Rosso Cait, Alexandrian White and Breccia Paradisea marble have been used in what is expected to be Australia’s most expensive residential property. These sales serve to demonstrate the desirability of Fox’s premium marble products as the stone of choice in some of the most prestigious and expensive residential developments around the world.

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