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Demystifying ‘smart’ buildings and their potential

The power of smart infrastructure will empower employees to explore new ways of working to boost creativity and productivity.

As technological capabilities increase, and working practices change, so too do the opportunities and need to develop ‘smart buildings’. The adoption of these structures is already on the rise, but will undoubtedly falter if a strong business case isn’t made to encourage widespread uptake. In order to achieve this, key decision makers must understand the benefits smart buildings provide for both inhabitants and investors.

The key advantage of smart buildings is that their connected environments unite people and information in a meaningful way. This empowers employees to boost their creativity and productivity by exploring new ways of working, and companies to use the data they collect to inform the management of the building.

Understanding smart buildings

In smart Buildings, ‘soft’ digital infrastructure, that utilises IoT and machine learning, is elevated to equal importance as the bricks and mortar that make up the building. At a basic level, Smart buildings can automatically control lighting, heating, ventilation and a myriad of other internal operations. However, what’s truly exciting about smart buildings is the behavioural data the sensors connected to these systems collect.

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