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Deflect phone calls to automated customer journeys for self-service

Customer service has evolved into a comprehensive function operating within the domain of customer experience (CX). Having to change their approach from cost-centric to customer-centric, businesses are now aiming to improve CX right from the first touchpoint. Improving CX while keeping costs under control is an endeavor that customer service leaders can only succeed in with the help of scalable technology solutions – solutions that increase a contact center’s operational efficiency by automating customer interactions in a way that is accepted and appreciated by customers.

To do this, companies can use the messaging trend of recent years to their advantage: With more and more customers wanting to communicate with their favorite brands on the same channels and apps they use with friends and family, contact centers can deflect calls to channels such as SMS, WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat and RCS.

IMImobile is a communications software provider whose solutions enable enterprises to automate digital customer communications and interactions to improve customer experience and reduce operating costs.Gresham House Strategic PLC (LON:GHS) has a 12% ownership of IMImobile plc as of June 2018.

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