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‘De-risked’ Mining Exposure: Why Anglo Pacific Goes Beyond Gold And Silver

Royalty specialists are fairly common in the natural resources sphere, with the business model involving a handing over of money in exchange for a share of the product of a mine.

Often that is a share of the revenues, but it can also be a share of the physical production of the mine. The revenues take the form of a more conventional royalty, while the physical side becomes more of a stream structure.

Typically, the corporate listings of such companies are found on the Toronto Stock Exchange, and most have routine exposure to silver and gold mining. However, independent upstart Anglo Pacific Group doesn’t quite fit that typical mold. While it has a TSX-listing as well, the company is also the only royalty specialist connected with the mining of natural resources that’s listed on the London Stock Exchange.

“We offer a de-risked way of getting exposure to the mining sector via the royalty model, and we’re not a typical royalty company,” says Julian Treger, Chief Executive Officer of Anglo Pacific.

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