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Cybersecurity at CES: ADT targets home users

Once relegated to simple subscription firewall and internet security software, today’s smart homes have come a long way when it comes to cybersecurity. Thanks to the rapid rise of smart home-related IoT products – and the need to secure them – the residential cybersecurity market has seen massive growth, as evidenced by the substantial increase in offerings and announcements at CES in 2018.

“We’re now more connected than ever – perhaps perilously so,” says Stephanie Weagle, VP of Corero Network Security. “The level of general awareness around IoT and its inherit vulnerabilities has risen substantially over time. The everyday home user is now more mindful of the risks of unsecured smart home devices, and thus the market to better protect the connected home is  growing in tandem.

“When shopping for consumer electronics, buyers should be able to pick up their preferred smart thermostat, surveillance camera, dimming switches and so on, as well as a solution to help protect those devices from the myriad of cyber threats that are out there today,” Weagle continues. “The CES introduction of new solutions addressing this problem will definitely elevate the awareness and education of proper IoT management and protection moving forward.”

One of those solutions was unveiled by security industry stalwart ADT as a unique home cybersecurity service in itself. Piggybacking on its new cybersecurity offering for commercial and national account customers with its recent acquisition of DATASHIELD, ADT announced at CES that it is expanding that service to residential customers.

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