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Georgian Mining Corp

Copper in EV Charging—An Emerging Standard Around Wireless Charging

As the popularity of electric vehicles continues to grow, the increased demand highlights the charging challenges owners often face. Charge stations are not widely distributed or available, and all require the driver to connect a cable to the car. However, electrical power, unlike liquid fuels, does not require a physical connection to the car, so as wireless charging technology advances, it will become convenient to charge in many more places without connecting cables. Get ready for wireless charging.

A wireless charging system consists of fixed and mobile modules. In the case of leading wireless-charging technology company, WiTricity, the fixed part has a wall mounted power converter that changes normal mains electricity (at 50 or 60 Hz) to the much higher frequency of 85 kHz. This high-frequency power is sent to a fixed ground pad mounted on or under the pavement where a copper coil generates a magnetic field. The mobile part is attached to the underside of a car or SUV where another copper coil intersects the magnetic field and, using power electronics, transforms it into DC power to charge the vehicle’s battery. This so called magnetic-resonance-charging technique can achieve grid-to-battery efficiency of up to 94 percent, which is equivalent to a wired connection.

Georgian Mining Corp (LON:GEO) is an AIM listed copper & gold development and exploration company that operates mainly in Georgia on the prolific Tethyan Belt.

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