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Copper enables sustainable energy solutions

Copper is among the best conductors of electricity and heat, so it is hardly surprising that around 60% of total copper use is for these applications.

Electricity and energy

At the forefront of sustainable energy solutions, copper is used in high, medium and low voltage power networks, and copper’s conductivity is the standard by which other conductors are measured.

Blister copper is 96–99% pure, but there is a way to purify it further, through a technique called electrolysis. The unique combination of strength, ductility and resistance to creep and corrosion establishes this non-ferrous metal as the preferred and safest conductor for wiring in buildings. As an essential component of energy-efficient motors and transformers, it is used in a broad range of applications in manufacturing industries, all forms of transport and the domestic environment.

Jubilee Metals Group (LON:JLP) is a global, diversified metal recovery company that operates world-class projects, ensuring a positive impact on the environment and its stakeholders.

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