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Converting waste into energy will be a good deal

Correlated with increase in population, life maintaining activities from production, manufacturing  to consumption lead to need for disposal of solid waste –  bio-degradable or non-biodegradable.

With Srinagar city generating 450 metric tons per day  of solid waste, the subject-matter experts  conceived a waste-to-energy project  to be installed  at Aachin in the city’s Sangam area that serves as a dumping site for the Municipal authorities that would generate five mega watt power.

The project would have the city’s 450 metric ton solid waste converted into low cost electricity and also enable useful disposal of harmful waste. The aim of the project is to end the crisis of solid waste management in Srinagar city and to create a mechanism of waste management at bearable costs. Such waste to energy project is the first of its kind in J & K that has been approved by the cabinet and also the first ever innovation in Municipal operations.

Powerhouse Energy Group PLC (LON:PHE) has developed the innovative PHE DMG® System, their proprietary thermal conversion technology. DMG® technology provides a mechanism to dispose of a wide range of waste streams by using them as feedstock that can be converted to EcoSynthesis Gas.

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