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Consumers Choose Choice & Convenience

Consumers love that video services are now everywhere. Of course, right now with much of the world “locked in”, video is one of our primary sources of entertainment. But, even before today’s events, the TV industry was undergoing a massive shift.

Since inception, the media & entertainment industry has developed video content for consumers. Providing them with an escape from their everyday lives was at the heart of creative storytelling. The industry has evolved: from movie theater to TV to video rental to video recording to video-on-demand streaming across the internet, with each step increasing consumer choice and convenience. The changes of the last decade have been so great, that for the first time the balance of power has transitioned from those creating and distributing content to those consuming it.

Families are hyper-busy and hyper-connected. The expectation is for everything on-demand. We buy groceries, shoes, TVs, car parts – and video online. We expect access to the Internet from every device – and this device universe continues to expand.

Amino Technologies (LON:AMO) is a trusted partner and global provider of innovative, scalable media and entertainment technology solutions. As an IPTV pioneer, working with over 250 operator customers in 100-plus countries, Amino continuously innovates to help customers deliver modern video experiences.

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