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Vipera™ is a leading provider of mobile financial services platforms. The Vipera platform provides the easiest, fastest, most cost-effective way to develop and operate mobile data services. Solutions powered by Vipera run today on more than 500,000 phones, on hundreds of mobile networks in many countries.


Since its founding Vipera’s focus has been mobile financial services. It is at the heart of what the business does and the products and services it develops. It is also a market of diverse and global opportunities.

In just five years, the demand for mobile banking has grown dramatically. From 67 million users in 2008, it is expected that by 2013 more than 977 million people will be using their mobiles to carry out payments and financial transactions. Vipera’s intention is to capitalise on this inevitable expansion, as well as respond to the challenges this growth brings, of security, reliability and trust between brands, businesses, institutions and their customers.

As phones and networks become simultaneously more sophisticated and standardised, so Vipera will continue with its ambition to provide a standard platform on which to deliver mobile financial services worldwide. We are ready, today, to help our partners take advantage of the exponential and continued growth in mobile financial services.

Motif is a suite of products based on the Vipera Platform, configured to provide three distinct but complementary mobile financial services products. They can be deployed separately or in combination depending on demand. Products within the Motif suite share market leading security models, a consumer friendly interface and support for multiple channels and languages.

Vipera Board Members

Marco Casartelli - CEO
Martin Perrin - CFO
Dr. Silvano Maffeis - CTO
Richard Garnier - CMO
Mauro Duca - COO

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