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Strix Group Plc (LON:KETL) is a global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of kettle safety controls and other components and devices involving water heating and temperature control, steam management and water filtration.

Strix has sold over 1.9 billion units, and management estimate that Strix safety controls are used over 1 billion times per day by consumers, in more than 100 countries, and by over 10 per cent. of the world’s population.


  • The world’s No.1 manufacturer of kettle controls
  • Established partnerships with brands, OEMs and retailers
  • 38% global share of kettle control market he most trusted technical partner in the industry
  • Over 800 employees

Strix Strategy

Strix Group Plc has a divisional strategy, with the overriding principle being to develop and supply best in class products across all of its markets and product lines.

Our strategic focus areas are as follows:

Regulated markets

  • Continue to offer the highest quality products and performance at competitive prices
  • Maintain relationships with key direct and indirect customers via high product quality and value added service
  • Continue to enhance market share
  • Maintain work supporting consumer safety organisations and the related global standards, to ensure that unsafe products are not permitted to enter the market

Less regulated markets

  • Introduce new, lower cost products and invest in customer relationships
  • Lobby for regulation enforcement by demonstrating the safety benefits of our products
  • Support and educate test houses and regulatory bodies to enforce standards

Growth in China

  • Enhance relationship with key brand/retailer accounts to increase penetration
  • Maintain or increase market share to take advantage of structural market growth
  • Continue to work with regulators and brands to increase regulation levels in the market

New product development

  • Continue to broaden the product range, utilising our core strength
  • Expand Aqua Optima portfolio and geographies, and invest in marketing Aqua Optima water filter products as the challenger brand to the leading brand
  • Support the baby formula appliance market with its international growth plans, including expansion into China and USA

Strix Group Plc Board Members

Gary Lamb - Interim Non-Executive Chairman
Mark Bartlett - Chief Executive Officer
Raudres Wong - Chief Financial Officer
Mark Kirkland - Non-Executive Director

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