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Strat Aero plc (LSE:AERO) provide innovative training and educational solutions for airline, corporate and military flight operations, around the world in addition to world-class consultancy services and software solutions.

Strat Aero is an international aerospace services company focussed primarily on the provision of training solutions, management systems and consultancy services to the international aviation market. Managed by a group of aviation specialists with a combination of unrivalled operational and technical expertise, Strat Aero delivers industry-leading targeted products and services to a number of international customers.

Strat Aero Mission

With the advent of UAVs and the near exponential growth anticipated in this area, ensuring you remain at the forefront of the sector has never been so vital for many government agencies and businesses globally.

In response to this critical need for high quality aerospace and aviation services, consultancy and software, Strat Aero was established to meet the demands of military, law enforcement and commercial bodies around the world.

Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance ServicesStrat Aero UAVs

Strat Aero can provide both manned and unmanned long-range aircraft and UAVs, equipped with state-of-the-art surveillance and data collection equipment, to meet the demands of a wide range of surveillance patrol requirements.

Airline & Airport Management Consultancy

Pooling the combined experience of Strat Aero’s consultants, which totals more than four hundred years in the aviation and aerospace industries, provides the company with a unique insight into the sector.

Aerospace Information Management Software

Strat Aero’s Aerospace Information Management Software (‘AIMS’) is a proprietary advanced aerospace management system providing cloud-based, enterprise wide management solutions for a diverse range of aerospace requirements.


Strat Aero Board Members

Captain Graham Douglas Grindell Peck  - Executive Chairman
Captain Russell Maurice Peck - Chief Executive Officer
Robert ("Bob") James Salluzzo - Chief Financial Officer
Gregory ("Greg") Kuenzel - Non-executive Director

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