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SmartSpace Software Plc (LON:SMRT) (formally RedstoneConnect Plc) is focused on technologies that make real estate more efficient and organisations more effective.

Our businesses provide the infrastructure capabilities and the software applications to deliver Smart Buildings and Smart Workspace Solutions for commercial businesses, public sector organisations, real estate owners and managers.

We achieve great results for our customers through the design and implementation of tailored infrastructure that enables a building’s operational technology to be integrated into a single platform; through the on-site management of our customers’ infrastructure, such as desk top and data centre support; and through innovative software solutions such as sophisticated wayfinding platforms or those that help our customers analyse occupancy data to make their buildings and their businesses more efficient.

Our technologies directly support the drive for improvements across an organisation, be it leadership that are looking for efficiencies and improved margins, facility teams looking to manage flexible work spaces, employees wanting greater freedom to work the way they want to work, whilst security and networking teams look to protect data integrity and physical access control.


Through SmartSpace Software Plc, our investors have a unique opportunity to access a vast and fast growing segment of the digital economy: ‘Smart Buildings’ and ‘Smart Spaces.’ Leveraging a 30+ year track record of successful and profitable delivery in the ‘Smart Buildings’ sector, and a blue chip customer base of property developers, landlords, principal occupiers of commercial property (including retail, leisure and industrial firms) and leading global investment banks, we make our customers’ spaces more efficient.

Real estate is expensive – and getting more expensive by the day. Our customers come to us to create, develop and deploy technology solutions to help them manage their spaces more efficiently and drive down costs. This includes reducing the growing costs of ‘housing’ employees by monitoring their work patterns and movements efficiently and adapting to create increasingly attractive work environments.

Furthermore, the increased interface between building management systems and the emerging functionality of the Internet of Things is contributing to growth, not just generating efficiencies and driving down costs but by creating greater engagement with building users, whether to enable greater mobility amongst the workforce or improving the experience of consumers in retail and leisure environments.

Demand for our services is being driven by new digital construction methods, costs savings from better energy management and reduced floor space, the development of ‘Smart Cities,’ increased building regulation and a desire to create an enhanced user experience in office, retail centres, airports, entertainment venues or other buildings with large footfall.

SmartSpace Software Plc Board Members

CEO -Frank Beechinor
CHAIRMAN - Guy Van Zwanenberg

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