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Oxford BioDynamics Plc (LON:OBD) are a biotechnology company with a proprietary biomarker discovery platform, EpiSwitch™, based on the latest advances in gene expression, non-coding RNA and epigenetics.

EpiSwitch™ biomarkers based on chromosomal conformation signatures are a critical cog in personalised medicine. Technology to select the right drug at the right dose at the right time for the right patient. EpiSwitch™ captures the heterogeneity of the environment on the genome.

Over the near to medium term, ageing populations, the rising costs of healthcare, coupled with increased scrutiny of drug pricing means that the pharmaceutical industry is facing a challenge:

How can patients receive more targeted therapeutics faster, with improved patient outcomes at a price which is acceptable to payors?

The pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry has been incorporating biomarker programmes into their R&D and drug development strategy.

Using biomarkers the likelihood of success of a drug from Phase 1 to Approval increases from 8.4% to 25.9%

EpiSwitch™ technology has validated biomarkers in a wide range of diseases.

Our proprietary technology platform enables pharmaceutical companies to accelerate and improve the rate of drug discovery and development.

Through the development of epigenetic biomarkers, EpiSwitch™ can help pharmaceutical companies to:

  • REDUCE the risk, cost and time to market for therapeutic development programmes
  • GAIN significant insights into disease mechanisms, to support the personalisation of medicine
  • PERSONALISE therapeutics to patients, to ensure better clinical outcomes

Oxford BioDynamics Plc Board Members

David Williams - Non-Executive Chairman
Christian Hoyer Millar MA, HONS (OXON) - CEO
Dr. Alexandre Akoulitchev MA (OXON), PHD (UCL), FRSM - CSO
Paul Stockdale MA (Cantab), FCA - CFO
Alison Caroline Kibble BA, HONS (OXON) - Non-Executive Director
Stephen Diggle MA (OXON) - Non-Executive Director

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