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Oncimmune Holdings PLC (LON:ONC) is a leading early cancer detection company, developing and commercialising its proprietary EarlyCDT® platform technology. The Group has pioneered the development of tests based on the presence in the blood of autoantibodies against specific tumour associated antigens (TAAs) that have the potential to detect cancer up to four years earlier than other methods such as a chest X-ray or Spiral CT and can be applied to a very wide range of solid tumour types.

In 2009, Oncimmune launched its first test, EarlyCDT®-Lung, which was test-marketed until 2012, at which time it launched its EarlyCDT-Lung test nationally across the US. It is now available through physicians in the US and privately in the UK and other regions.

EarlyCDT-Lung is a simple blood test which is ordered by a doctor to aid in the risk assessment and early detection of lung cancer in moderate and high-risk patients and to stratify indeterminate pulmonary nodules for the risk of malignancy. EarlyCDT tests for liver and ovarian cancer are in final validation.

Oncimmune LLC was recently honoured with a Best of DeSoto Award. The award was in the Research & Development Laboratories Category by the DeSoto Award Program 2016.

Oncimmune Holdings PLC Board Members

Meinhard Schmidt - Non Executive Chairman
Geoffrey Hamilton-Fairley - Chief Executive Officer
Robert Page - Chief Financial Officer
Tim Bunting - Non-Executive Director (Deputy Chairman)
Richard Sharp - Non-Executive Director
Andrew Unitt - Non-Executive Director

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