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Nanoco Group Plc (LON:NANO) Are a world leader in the research and development of cadmium and heavy-metal-free quantum dots, called CFQD® quantum dots, and semiconductor nano-materials. They have the capability to manufacture CFQD® quantum dots in large scale and are creating a facility for the manufacture of semiconductor nano-materials.

What Nanoco do

The company are focused on continually developing and scaling up CFQD® quantum dots that are fit for purpose across large addressable markets. Their ability to innovate keeps them at the cutting edge of technology.

New agreement with US Company in 2018
New production facilities funded by advance payments from US Company
R&D projects also ongoing
90% of revenues in 2018

Multi-channel strategy
Own production of CFQD® quantum dots and resin
Direct sales through film producers (Wah Hong)
Dow and Merck technology licence

Direct sales of own manufactured product
Specialised lighting focus

Life sciences
Cancer imaging, diagnostics and therapy
Image-guided surgery
Excellent proof-of-principle data
Partnership with University College London and Cancer Research UK – grant funded

2D materials
Developing next generation nano-materials
In collaboration with Professor Konstantin Novoselov, 2010 Nobel Laureate for physics
Funded by £400,000 convertible loan from University of Manchester

Printable copper, indium, gallium and selenium (“CIGS”) solar cell
Seeking licensing deals or possible divestment

Nanoco Group Plc Board Members

DR CHRISTOPHER RICHARDS - Non-Executive Chairman
DR MICHAEL EDELMAN - Chief Executive Officer
BRIAN TENNER - Chief Financial Officer / Chief Operating Officer
DR NIGEL PICKETT - Chief Technology Officer
ALISON FIELDING - Non-Executive Director
BRENDAN CUMMINS - Non-Executive Senior Independent Director

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