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Ilika PLC (LON:IKA) has been a solid state battery innovator since 2008 and offers its Stereax® technology under license to companies who wish to access the benefits of solid state. Instead of a liquid or polymer electrolyte, Ilika’s patented technology uses a ceramic ion conductor. This provides many benefits, including increased energy density, faster charge rates, low leakage currents and up to 10 years’ life span. Stereax® batteries are also non-flammable. The Stereax® product roadmap includes miniature solid-state batteries deposited on wafers, suitable for powering sensors and other small electronic devices, as well as larger format printed cells which are under development for motive power applications. The company was founded in 2004 and was first listed on the London Stock Exchange in 2010.


Ilika’s on-going programme of solid-state battery development and materials innovation is building its Stereax® family of products for a very wide range of applications. The batteries contain no liquid or polymer components and have no free lithium making them moisture resistant. The low self-discharge allows them to be trickle-charged by an energy harvesting source such as vibration or a PV panel.

The Stereax® M250 – The combination of energy harvester, transmitter, sensor and the M250 is ideal for integration into small, “fit and forget” autonomous sensor devices with multiple applications including Smart Homes, Vehicles and medical devices.

The Stereax® P180 features similar benefits to the M250 but with the additional capability of operating across a very wide temperature range, from -40°C to +150°C. This wide operating temperature range arises from Ilika’s patented material innovation technology, which enables designers in an array of industries to develop new products that were previously not possible with legacy battery technology.

Goliath Solid State Batteries for Electric Vehicles and Stationary Power

Ilika’s Goliath technology is a solid-state lithium battery with the potential to transform the performance and safety of electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (EVs and PHEVs). The major benefits of solid-state batteries are:

  • The use of non-flammable solid electrolyte as opposed to the organic solvent used in current lithium-ion batteries
  • Much faster charging times
  • Increased energy density
  • Increased life cycle of up to 10 years

Ilika has received offers of up to £4.2M of grant funding from Innovate UK’s Faraday Battery Challenge to support project collaborations to develop and commercialize its Goliath technology in the automotive sector.

Ilika PLC Board Members

Graeme Purdy - Chief Executive Officer
Stephen Boydell - Finance Director
Prof. Keith Jackson - Chairman
Prof. Brian Hayden - Chief Scientific Officer
Jeremy Millard - Non-Executive Director
Clare Spottiswoode CBE - Non-Executive Director
Monika Biddulph - Non-Executive Director

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