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One of the world’s pioneering registry service providers, CentralNic provides registry services, distribution, and strategic consultancy for new TLDs, ccTLDs and SLDs.

CentralNic uses our in-house developed IT platform to distribute our own portfolio of 24 domain names including .uk.com, .us.com and .cn.com (China) to a global network of “1500 registrars” (retailers such as Network Solutions, LLC), which sell these to end users. We also use this platform to sell domain names owned by third parties including .la for Los Angeles, .pw and .com.de (Germany). Further, CentralNic provides consultancy services to companies seeking to create their own domains.

Our powerful registry engine has an eighteen year track record of uninterrupted and unblemished service, and it is supported by innovative marketing and personal customer service. Additionally, our flexible and scalable platform is above ICANN specification for new TLDs.

CentralNic operates from our global headquarters in London plus offices in New York, Dubai and Los Angeles. We also have on-the-ground account executives in Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi and Melbourne.

CentralNic is currently supporting 60 gTLD applications including .wiki, .bar, .xyz, .rest (for restaurants) and .ink. This major expansion in the number of generic Top-Level Domains is expected to commence from the end of 2013. Our specialised service for global brands, DotBrand Solutions, is behind the applications for household name and multi-billion dollar company applicants spanning three continents.

CentralNic Plc (CNIC) Board Members

John Swingewood - Chairman
Benjamin Crawford - Chief Executive Officer
Glenn Hayward - Chief Financial Officer
Robert Pooke - Executive Director
Samuel Dayani - Non Executive Director
Thomas Rickert - Non Executive Director
Thomas Pridmore - Non Executive Director

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