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At Avacta Group Plc (LON: AVCT) our mission is to shape the future of medicine by developing safe and efficacious drugs based on our proprietary Affimer® platform and by providing powerful Affimer® reagents for research and diagnostics.  We have developed Affimer technology, an engineered alternative to antibodies. Based on a small protein, Affimer technology can be quickly developed to bind with high specificity and affinity to a wide range of targets.

Affimer proteins can be developed as therapeutic molecules and can be used in a wide range of other life sciences applications in research and diagnostics.


“What really excites me, and drives the company, is the opportunity to change the way life scientists explore the complexity of the proteome and the myriad of interactions that define us as humans.”

Affimer reagents and therapeutics are a class of non-antibody binding proteins that have been engineered for a wide range of applications where antibodies and aptamers have limitations. They can be used to detect difficult targets, can easily be formatted for a wide range of applications and can be easily and cost effectively manufactured.  To find out more visit the company website.

Avacta Group Plc Board Members

Alastair Smith - CEO Chief Executive Officer
Tony Gardiner - Chief Financial Officer
Eliot Forster - Non Executive Chairman
Mike Owen - Senior Independent Director & Scientific Advisory Board Chairman
Trevor Nicholls - Non Executive Director
Sam Williams - Non Executive Director

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