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Arria NLG’s Natural Language Generation (NLG) is cutting-edge artificial intelligence. ARRIA’s scientists have been at the forefront of this science for 30 years. They wrote the book on Building Natural Language Generation Systems – the de facto standard text in the field.

The ARRIA NLG Engine is the culmination of their 90+ years of research.

Enterprise-level benefits of Arria NLG:

Knowledge Capture

The best-practice knowledge and skills of your most experienced experts is permanently captured for continuous automated use. With NLG, these valuable assets can be protected and shared to mitigate organizational knowledge loss.

Report Automation

Comprehensive reports are automatically produced. They read as if written by your most experienced analysts-enabling you to scale and replicate your internal expertise.

Decision Support

By rendering best-practice analysis in automated reports, NLG lets your experts focus on higher value issues, and guards against them missing or ignoring key information when they are under pressure. NLG reduces decision time frames from hours to seconds.

Company Overview

ARRIA NLG plc is a software development business. Its target is to be the global leader in the development and deployment of mission critical, core industrial, enterprise level Natural Language Generation software technologies. Natural Language Generation (NLG) is the computerised process of analysing and converting Big Data into actionable information.
The Group’s core product is known as the Arria NLG Engine.

Global corporations are having to deal with an ever-growing amount of data resulting from the digitisation of transactions and industrial processes and from technological advancements in data capture. Computer networks are now producing and storing digital data at such a rate that this data is becoming increasingly difficult to be fully utilised. This development and the challenge to make optimal use of this data has become known as “Big Data”.

The Arria NLG Engine comprises of two main elements:

  • an analytics component that is programmed to embody the expert knowledge of the domain in which it operates; and
  • a natural language generation component, which embodies the skill required to communicate information articulately using natural language.

Arria NLG

Reference:  Natural Language Processing

Arria NLG Board Members

Stuart Rogers, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Simon Small, Executive Director
Wayne Thornhill, Chief Financial Officer
Paul Kidney, Non-Executive Director
Michael Higgins, Non-Executive Director

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