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Allergy Therapeutics Plc provide information to healthcare professionals about the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of allergic conditions with a special focus on allergy vaccination (also known as specific immunotherapy or desensitisation therapy). Allergy vaccination is a successful treatment that deals with the underlying cause of allergies and not just the symptoms! Allergy Therapeutics has a long-term commitment to the development of innovative therapies for allergy treatment and allergy prevention.

Corporate Overview

Allergy Therapeutics PlcAllergy Therapeutics® is a Europe-based specialty pharmaceutical company focused upon the diagnosis and treatment of allergy. Allergy Therapeutics has an existing sales base of approximately £40 million per annum, an MHRA-approved manufacturing capability, as well as an established sales and marketing infrastructure in several major European markets. In addition, the Company has a number of novel compounds which have already undergone initial clinical evaluation and, once registered, could potentially revolutionise the treatment of allergy.

Allergy Therapeutics offers:

  • An established range of diagnostics and specific immunotherapy vaccines.
  • Certain exclusive rights to MPL® – a novel immunological adjuvant in the field of allergy.
  • An innovative product development pipeline supported by documented clinical evidence of efficacy and safety.
  • Intellectual property rights to five patent families. Patent protection extending between 2018-24.
  • A highly qualified scientific and commercial team with industry experienced management.
  • A European sales and marketing team in Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, Netherlands and Austria, plus a distributor network in Canada, Eastern Europe and South Korea.
  • High-quality facilities that offer compliance with Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) and increased production capacity.


Our aim is to create a sustainable, fast-growing and profitable European pharmaceutical business with a substantial franchise in the allergy sector. We will achieve this by developing innovative, patented, registered aluminium-free therapies for both the treatment and prevention of allergy-related conditions.

Business, Commercial & Development Strategy

Allergy Therapeutics is a European pharmaceutical company. Its sales and much of its development effort are focused on the area of immunotherapy for allergy. Immunotherapy acts on the underlying immunological cause of the disease. It thereby provides continued treatment which addresses the symptoms of the disease. The right immunotherapeutic products should have great commercial potential.

Allergy Therapeutics’ strategies are therefore to:

  • Continue to build our European commercial infrastructure.
  • Continue developing improved allergy vaccines with novel adjuvants, improved dosing characteristics, patient compliance and new delivery formulations that result in a patent protected, registered product.
  • Broaden the portfolio through the in-licensing and co-development of selected products.
  • Develop the aluminium-free vaccines.
  • Identify strong commercial partners for non-European specialist markets.
  • To develop opportunities with allergy vaccines in the US market.

Allergy Therapeutics Board Members

Peter Jensen - Non-Executive Chairman
Stephen Smith - Non-Executive Director
Thomas Lander - Non-Executive Director
Jean-Yves Pavée - Non-Executive Director
Manuel Llobet - Chief Executive Officer
Ian Postlethwaite - Finance Director and Company Secretary

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