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4d pharma plc (LON:DDDD) is a pharmaceutical company focussing on developing a number of projects targeting important new therapeutic areas.

The company combines an understanding of, and access to solutions for, the technical, regulatory, clinical and financial challenges that are required to bring novel therapeutics to market.

4D pharma plc (4D), formerly Schosween 18 Limited, is a United Kingdom-based pharmaceutical company focusing on developing various projects targeting new therapeutic areas. The principal activity of the Company is research and development of pharmaceutical products in new live biotherapeutic areas. The Company has developed its research to build MicroRx, which is a discovery methodology that is able to rationally select those bacteria that have a precise and evolved therapeutic effect. Its MicroRx methodology offers a pipeline of approximately 10 therapeutic programs covering autoimmune diseases, central nervous system (CNS) disorders and cancer. The Company uses MicroRx to develop its programs into the clinic and has approximately two programs in patient trials. The Company focuses on immune conditions, such as pediatric Crohn’s, pediatric colitis and irritable bowel syndrome.


4d Pharma Plc Board Members

David Norwood • Chairman
Duncan Peyton • CEO
Alex Stevenson PhD • CSO
Thomas Engelen • Non Executive

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