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City With the Worst Pollen in Every State

Most Americans are encouraged or ordered to stay indoors — except for essential activities as well as some exercise — in an effort to contain the coronavirus pandemic. For those who are able to get outdoors safely, the beginning of warmer weather is welcome good news. Springtime in the United States, however, also means the start of peak pollen season. Those going outdoors to find relief from cabin fever may be at risk of hay fever.

Plants seasonally release pollen grains as a way of reproducing. Plants seasonally release pollen grains as a way of reproducing, and during the season, people may breathe it in. In those who are allergic to pollen, breathing it causes an allergic reaction. Allergy sufferers report sneezing, runny noses, and itchy and watery eyes.

Allergy Therapeutics plc (LON:AGY) is  a market-leading, pioneering immunology business with specialist experience in the research and development of allergy treatments.

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