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Sativa Investments plc

CEO Q&A with Geremy Thomas at Sativa Investments PLC (NEX:SATI)

Sativa Investments PLC (NEX:SATI) Chief Executive Officer Geremy Thomas caught up with DirectorsTalk for an exclusive interview to discuss their cash flow position, the performance of their trading businesses and moving to become an operating company.


Q1: We saw today’s update surrounding the company’s next stages for growth, can you tell us what the current cash flow position is for Sativa Investments?

A1: We’re in a very strong position, we have over £3.6 million in the bank today.


Q2: What can you tell me about the trading businesses, how are they doing?

A2: We have two main trading businesses, one is our laboratory PhytoVista which is trading very satisfactory in fact we are close to breakeven after 5 months of trading so we’re very happy with that. The industry is using the services of our lab and that business is growing.


Q3: Today’s announcement seem to focus on a strategic move, shifting away from an investment vehicle to an operating company. What can you tell us about that along with Sativa Investment’s new company initiatives?

A3: Well, the second trading business we have is George Botanicals which is a manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of CBD products and that really has seen significant growth since we started. That and the regulatory changes that we’ve seen, led by the government, has meant that our focus has moved away from investments in Canada which is where we started to a much closer focus at home and in Europe. So, we are very much switching from being an investment vehicle to an operating company looking to pursue a seed-to-consumer strategy.

So, that means that we want to grow medicinal cannabis, we want to extract what we need from it, we want to test it and then we want to brand it and sell it. We have identified a number of routes to market which we want to exploit.

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