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CEO Q&A with Geremy Thomas at Sativa Group PLC (NEX:SATI)

Sativa Group PLC (NEX:SATI) Chief Executive Officer Geremy Thomas caught up with DirectorsTalk for an exclusive interview to discuss their new broker and the significance of the Health Secretary’s recent statement on medicinal cannabis.

Q1: Geremy, I see that you have appointed a new broker, is there any significance to this that investors should be aware of?

A1: I think it’s a very significant event for us, we have an ambition to build a very big business in the medicinal cannabis space and Cenkos have shared that vision with us by taking us on as a client.

They’ve published a sector note and they’ve also published a detailed note about Sativa Group where there’s a short-term buyer recommendation of 9p and a 12 month target of 15p so we’re very pleased about that.

Q2:  Matt Hancock, the Health Secretary, he made a statement recently about medicinal cannabis. What’s its impact for Sativa Group?

A2: It’s very significant because effectively the government are taking the brakes off by saying that real world data on use of medicinal cannabis can stand as an alternative to long-term clinical trials here which was always going to be pushing back the main price of Sativa which is medicinal cannabis sales.

So, yesterday’s reporting of that was a big boost for us.

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