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Sativa Investments plc

CEO Q&A with Geremy Thomas at Sativa Investments PLC (NEX:SATI)

Sativa Investments PLC (NEX:SATI) Chief Executive Officer Geremy Thomas caught up with DirectorsTalk for an exclusive interview to discuss their first Goodbody & Blunt wellness store in Bath.


Q1: When we last spoke, you explained to us that you’ be opening 3 of your own Goodbody and Blunt stores followed by a roll out of a national franchise. Today, we’ve seen you intend to open your first in Bath, your flagship store, why Bath?

A1: Bath is close to us so that’s important, it’s also a very prestigious location and we wanted our first store to be our flagship store. We’ve secured a very prominent location in Broad Street which is in the centre of Bath and I believe it’ll be a showcase for the CBD wellness products that we sell.


Q2: So, what products will consumers be able to purchase through these stores?

A2: We have a business called George Botanicals who are a manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of CBD products and we will be white-labelling or branding our product range for the Goodbody and Blunt business.

We’ll also be selecting what we believe to be the best of the rest which is other company’s CBD products that we’ll test in our PhytoVista laboratory and ensure that the quality is there and then we’ll be presenting to our customers the fullest range of CBD products we can possibly put together.


Q3: How do these stores and their products differ from other wellness retailers in the UK?

A3: Well, there aren’t any specialist retailers of CBD wellness products at the moment so we’ll be a first in that sense.

If there are to be competitors out there then we would hope because of our tie-up with our laboratory business then our consumers or our customers can be confident of the contents of the products that we’re going to be selling.

The importance of the announcement today is that we see the key value drivers for our business as being brand and distribution and of course, this ticks both boxes. So, we’re very pleased to announce today’s move.



Sativa Investments PLC invests in well-placed ventures within the dynamic regulatory environment of the Medicinal Cannabis sector. The Company’s pan-European, end-to-end, seed-to-consumer investment strategy focuses on the production, testing and compliance, research and development, including pharmacology, commercialisation and sales and marketing of Medicinal Cannabis in jurisdictions where it is regulatorily permitted. 

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