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Oxford BioDynamics

CEO Q&A with Christian Hoyer Millar at Oxford Biodynamics PLC (LON:OBD)

Oxford Biodynamics PLC (LON:OBD) Chief Executive Officer Christian Hoyer Millar caught up with DirectorsTalk for an exclusive interview to discuss their fifth collaboration agreement.


Q1: Another collaboration agreement this morning making this contract number 5 in Immuno Oncology, are you now concentrating on this space?

A1: The whole of the pharmaceutical industry is concentrating on this space and we’ve been working in this areas for about the last 2 years, following our work with the Mayo clinic in the USA.

So, Oxford Biodynamics have developed very important IP and knowhow in this area and of course, because this is where pharma and biotech are concentrating, they are starting to understand that OBD’s epigenetic technology called EpiSwitch is extremely beneficial to their programmes in this area.


Q2: Is this proprietary IP that you’re developing?

A2: Yes, we have proprietary IP and knowhow in this area which is based on the technology that we span out of Oxford. We have developed a whole set of patents over the years and therefore this is an area that we have expertise in, we’re obviously working in lots of other areas, but this happens to be an area that pharma and biotech are concentrating on at the moment.


Q3: Do Oxford Biodynamics have the capacity in the UK for all the work?

A3: Yes, we’ve just actually doubled the size of our laboratory in Oxford in terms of capacity, so we definitely have the capacity to do all of this work.

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