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All Cars with Engines to be off Dutch Roads by 2030, Following 2025 Sales Ban

European countries continue to implement aggressive policies to move away from fossil fuels for transportation and favor zero-emission solutions in renewable energy and vehicles.

Last year, the Netherlands joined Norway to ban the sale of new cars powered by internal-combustion engines after 2025.

The country will still allow engine-driven vehicles on its roads after that year, but all new vehicles sold in 2025 will not contain combustion engines.

Now, the Dutch government has further honed its ban with a follow-up policy: all vehicles in the Netherlands must be zero-emission by 2030.

The NL Times recently reported on major changes planned by the new Dutch government, including its follow-up to the initial policy, spelled out within its agenda for “mobility and passenger transport” actions.

The move departs from the rules originally proposed, which said internal-combustion cars sold before 2025 would be grandfathered in to operate until the ends of their lives.

The original draft also gave a pass to hybrid vehicles that contained internal-combustion engines as part of their powertrains.

Holland’s 2030 internal-combustion engine ban arrives shortly after the city of Paris announced it will phase out all fossil-fuel-powered cars by the same year.

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