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Can The Right Office Equipment Improve Our Legal Culture?

The legal industry is ripe for tech disruption.

That is partly because the field is rife with paperwork, whether it is the records that first-year attorneys and other staffers need to search for discovery or the hard copies of legal documents that many firms are legally required, or think it’s critical, to keep. All that paperwork represents costs—the cost of the work hours needed to search through, organise and file all that documentation, as well as the cost of physical storage space itself. If you’re paying, say, $10 per square foot to rent space and need an extra 200 square feet for paper storage, that will set you back $24,000 per year.


GetBusy Plc (LON:GETB) is an established, successful, award-winning Document Management software business, with operations in the UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand, providing over 58,000 customers with a highly secure form of digital document distribution with the flexibility to suit any business or industry. It has found particular success in the accountancy, legal and financial services verticals. Over 1 million users are registered to share information through GetBusy’s online client portals.

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