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Panthera Resources Plc

‘Boring’ Gold To ‘Fire Up’ With Scotiabank’s ‘No Trade Deal’ Scenario

A bigger move in gold is coming when the market “internalizes” a “no trade deal” scenario, said Scotiabank, pointing to escalating tensions between the U.S. and China impacting global growth and inflation outlooks.

“The widening cold war accelerated with a ‘no trade deal’ now the base case, after Huawei was blacklisted, tariffs were upped and China continues to retaliating most recently with weaponizing rare earths; we are in a sustained global economic ‘us’ vs ‘them’ war (see Copper note which goes into more detail) with dire implications for both global growth (now) and inflation (later),” Scotiabank commodity strategist Nicky Shiels wrote in a macro update last week.

Panthera Resources Plc (LON:PAT) was incorporated in the UK and Wales in 2017. The company is focused on its gold exploration and development projects in India and West Africa and the optimisation of other mineral projects.

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