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How Big Data and AI Help Us Tackle The World’s Biggest Problems in 2017 and Beyond

Can computers solve all our problems? Well, when combined with the creative power of humans, the answer is… maybe. Every day, we get closer to solving some of the most complex and serious problems facing humanity through use of new technologies including big data and artificial intelligence (AI).

Climate Change

Modelling climate changes on a global scale remains a very complex and complicated proposition, but AI and big data are making it a bit easier for scientists to understand and predict the effects of climate change.

AI might also help scientists and lawmakers make the best decisions based on the best information today. One system has been designed to help scientists choose the best models for the effects of climate change to help them protect endangered species more effectively.

One of the impacts of climate change we’re already feeling is extreme weather patterns. A Google-backed AI startup called Verily looks to help disaster first responders by rapidly crowdsourcing the verification of information during humanitarian disasters — for example, where people need the clean water, rescue, or other services in the immediate aftermath of a disaster.

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