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Accrol Group Holdings plc

Bathroom Reading: “Moby Dick” typed on six rolls of toilet paper

Herman Melville’s whale-hunting epic is one of the cornerstones of American literature. The narrator introduced us to colourful characters like the carpet-wearing, harpoon-throwing, Queequeg; the good-humoured second mate able to cleave through an entire whale’s head with a knife, Stubb; and the avenging peg-legged captain of the Pequod, Ahab.

Accrol Group plc (LON:ACRL) is a leading independent tissue converter, manufacturing toilet rolls, kitchen rolls, facial tissues and AFH products to supply retailers throughout the UK. Accrol imports parent reels from around the world and converts them into finished goods at the Company’s 350,000 sq. ft. manufacturing, storage and distribution facility in Blackburn, Lancashire. Accrol currently manufactures approximately 17 million units per week and supplies some of the UK’s largest retailers.

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