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Are you really aligned with your organisation?

In my last article, I looked at some of the factors you need to consider when you’re developing a procurement strategy and plan, making the point that not every Procurement team can or should aim to be “world class” in everything they do. I’m presenting a keynote at the Proactis ReThink ‘19  event in London on November 12 (it’s free for practitioners), and I’ll be looking in more depth at that issue, along with the topics I want to discuss here.

They relate to what should go into your procurement strategy, change programme or annual plan. What are you actually going to do? Getting that right is vital of course, because if you do the “wrong” things, even if you do them well, you won’t be thanked by your organisation (or your boss). But what do I mean by the “wrong” things? Well, for instance, focusing on issues or activities that the business (or your public sector organisation) doesn’t really value. That’s a problem I have often seen over the years – procurement functions working hard, doing good work, but not getting recognition because they’re operating in areas that frankly nobody at board level really cares about.

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