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AI in Healthcare: 5 Real-World Examples

The examples of AI and its applications in healthcare potentially offer affordable healthcare, efficient clinical trials, improved success rates and a better quality of life. While many of us may be familiar with AI in the context of self-driving cars, Siri, or Alexa, we are beginning to slowly comprehend the full potential of AI’s clinical applications. AI’s steadily increasing impact in the healthcare industry can be demonstrated by analysing the following five sectors of the industry.


As of 30th June 2016, Frontier IP Group Plc (LON:FIPP) have a 5% holding in Exsciential Ltd

Frontier IP unites science and commerce by identifying strong intellectual property and accelerating its development through a range of commercialisation services. A critical part of the Group’s work is involving relevant industry partners at an early stage of development to ensure technology meets real world demands and needs.

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