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A Bright Future: Vast Opportunities opened by Solid State Batteries

According to the latest research’s report, solid-state batteries are considered to be the path for the energy storage solution of the next generation.

Normally any cell of commercial battery consists of electrolyte, anode, separator, and a cathode. Lithium-ion techno has been one of the most successful profitable batteries, which has been advertised since the beginning of 1991. But, their success around the world and the dispersion in the consumer electronics and more lately the electric vehicles cannot disguise their constraints when it comes to performance, form factor, safety, and expenses due to the core technology.

All such aspects are potentially addressed by the solid state electrolytes specifically in the drone markets, wearables and electric vehicles.

Ilika plc (LON: IKA) has world class expertise in accelerated materials innovation, including in the automotive, aeronautical and electronic components sectors. Global brands such as Rolls-Royce and Toyota have long-term collaborations with Ilika. High throughput technology enables functional materials to be made, characterised and tested up to 100 times faster than traditional techniques. Robust datasets enhance intellectual property value, optimise product performance and reduce time to market, thereby maximising return on R&D investment.

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