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5 everyday products that contain graphite

If you are like most people familiar with the periodic table, you might wonder how many of those substances you come in contact with on a daily basis. While carbon is known as the base element of most things, one of its allotropes, graphite, is an incredibly soft mineral used in thousands of industrial and commercial applications. Here are five everyday products that contain graphite. 

1.    Pencils

While lead was used in antiquity as the writing medium for pencils, graphite replaced lead hundreds of years ago. However, lead paints were still used to give pencils their characteristic yellow color up until it was outlawed in 1978, which is why many people still associate lead with pencils. 

Blencowe Resources Plc (LON:BRES) is a United Kingdom-based mineral exploration and development company. The Company is focused on exploration and development of the Orom Graphite Project in the Republic of Uganda. 

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