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3 ways airlines can automate passenger communications to prevent and manage disruption

When travelling, there is nothing more frustrating to a passenger than being delayed, and the aviation industry is particularly vulnerable to disruption. Natural disasters, overbooking, strikes, technical problems, and delayed pilots, are just some of the challenges airlines face when trying to ensure flights depart and arrive on time.

Demonstrating the sheer scale of the challenge, flight delays in Europe more than doubled last year, with airlines and air traffic controllers failing to hit EU performance targets. On top of this rising number is the fact that while small delays are a regular occurrence, big delays that disrupt thousands of passengers are newsworthy. A recent example is the chaos at Gatwick airport over Christmas. Covered heavily by UK media, over 150,000 passengers had their flights cancelled or delayed due to a drone incident. Over this period, passengers received little or no information, leaving them to wonder if their flight would depart, whether they should travel to Gatwick, and if their flights could get re-allocated to another airport.


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