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3 tips before you buy your first domain name

One of the most important things your business will do is purchase a domain name. This domain name serves as your face to the virtual world. A good domain name is catchy and will drive business to your site just by the sheer charisma that it projects. Having a memorable domain is quite helpful, and there are plenty of ways to go about it. The other thing one must remember about a domain name is a good one will cost money. You have to go through the ICANN system and there are several registrars available to get your domain name registered or broker the sale of a name. Once you find a great domain, it is imperative to get the name purchased and registered.

Purchasing an actual domain is the wise thing to do instead of using the free domains that site host’s like Wix or Weebly offer. The reason is that your business needs to look like a proper business, and just as you should never have an e-mail address with Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook domain in the address, you should not have a domain that uses a site builder’s handle in it as well. 

CentralNic Group Plc (LON:CNIC) provides registry services, distribution, and strategic consultancy for new TLDs, ccTLDs and SLDs.

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