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10 Ways Smart Cities Will Restructure The Economy

When the devices start becoming smarter, it inevitably leads to a smarter ecosystem of devices. The extension of such a development forms something that is called a smart city which is whole city that uses electronics to keep the area running at high or peak efficiency.

Such a development surely means that existing technologies need to be upgraded to meet the specifications and demands of the system. This costs investment and the government of a state or a country is responsible to make the investment.


Golden Saint Technologies (LON:GST) builds on the profitable ICT business of its Singaporean subsidiary EMS Wiring Systems, which has been supplying governments and large private organisations with intelligent building solutions for the last 28 years. GST’s strategy is to develop solutions to meet the needs of the ICT industry, acting on the surging opportunities in the technology and innovation sectors – Data Centres, Intelligent Buildings, Smart Cities and the Internet of Things – and particularly targeting emerging markets where the demand for ICT infrastructure is rapidly increasing.

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